Department information

Faculty and advisors

The Department headed by prof. Andrzej Bień is composed of 58 individuals.

Professors and Doctors of Science:
  • Zbigniew Hanzelka
  • Andrzej Bień
  • Zygfryd Głowacz
  • Wiesław Jażdżyński
  • Robert Stala
Professors emeriti:
  • Marian Noga
  • Stanisław Piróg
  • Andrzej Senderski
  • Jerzy Skwarczyński
  • Herbert Widlok
  • 28 adjunct professors
  • 7 lecturers and assistants
  • 10 techinicians
  • 5 administrative workers

Five laboratory teams operate in the department for teaching and research purposes:

  • Device Automation (dr inż. Aleksander Dziadecki)
  • Power Electronics (dr hab. inż. Robert Stala)
  • Electrical Power Quality and Utilization (dr inż. Andrzej Firlit)
  • Electrical Machines and Drives (dr inż. Michał Rad)
  • Industrial Systems Control and Smart Buildings (prof. Andrzej Bień)
Struktura organizacyjna Katedry Energoelektroniki i Automatyki Systemów Przetwarzania Energii

Primary fields of study

The department serves in the following fields:

  • electrical self-propulsion
  • power engineering
  • thermoelectricity
  • electric traction
  • dynamic systems design
  • technological process automation
  • electrical machine exploitation and construction
  • effective and efficient electrical energy exploitation
  • smart buildings

Due to the global demand for more and more electrical power supplies in every sector of life, be it transportation, commercial, industry, telecomunications, or even in the private home, we are faced with a worldwide problem that is, low quality electrical energy supply or more specifically the increasing degradation of the world's electrical energy supply. That is why several of our department's research teams put so much emphasis on measuring, monitoring, normalizing, and enchancing the quality of electrical energy supply and as a result, the topic of automated or "smart buildings" has been one of the main focal points of the department over the past couple of years.

Teaching programs

The department provides courses in every form and specialization in electrical engineering for part-time and full-time students as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies. Annually the program makes up about:

  • 4200 lecture hours
  • 11500 class exercise, project, and laboratory hours
  • 100 recived and confirmed research papers

Our laboratories provide approximately 300 exercises related to power engineering, automatic propulsions, eletric tractions, thermoelectricity, real-time steering, and dynamic system modelings and designs. Graduates from the department are recipients of numerous awards from annual contests organized by the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. The department also provides lectures and teaching resources for other UST faculties such as Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, and Applied Mathematics.


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